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reports that are just crossg the wires that have to do with this coordinated terror attack against norway and whether or not that is, indeed, what is unfolding in that country right now. it is believed that a car bomb went off in front of the prime minister's office earlier, just hours ago, and now we're getting word that a gunman disguised as a police officer has shot several people at a summer camp outside of oslo. welcome to "america live," everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. so this is a situation of utter chaos unfolding right now in norway's capital city. that powerful be explosion that is said to have put a car on its side in front of the building, potentially the car that had the bomb in it outside government headquarters at the prime minister's office. at least two deaths so far in that explosion. you can see the scene on the streets here. fifteen other people were injured, but those numbers could change as authorities begin to assess the fallout here.
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that attack came as norway is dealing with a home-grown terror plot linked to al-qaeda. greg burke is streaming live for us from rome with the very latest on this. >> reporter: hi, martha. that's right. you know, more and more news just keeps coming out, the latest is that which you mentioned which certainly does make it look like things were coordinated here. as many as five people shot at a youth camp or a youth meeting, sort of a summer camp thing just outside of oslo. also some reports of suspicious packages, one at a tv station, also at the train station. what we do know for sure, a bomb -- a very powerful one or perhaps more -- going off just a few hours ago. at least two dead, at least 15 injured, although those numbers could rise as there are also reports of people being trapped. that's how powerful this bomb was. the prime minister is unhurt, although bomb went off very close to his office right in downtown oslo on market street. you can see from the amount of glass scattered around those streets how much damage it would
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and could have done. now, it looks like a car bomb although police have not yet confirmed that, in fact, they have not yet confirmed if it was one or more bombs. reasons why this could be happening in oslo. charges were filed last week against an iraqi cleric in norway. he said he would kill norwegians if they tried to deport him. also they had a cartoon incident that the muslims took offense at in norway. two other reasons possible, norway involved in both afghanistan and in libya. now, martha, you know, how quickly we forget the train bombings in madrid, the bus and the metro bombings in london. but if you're living in europe, you just get the feeling today like here we go again. martha? martha: here we go again. greg, thank you very much. we'll get more on that from greg burke, also ambassador john bolton is enroute to our washington bureau. we expect to have him with us live moments from now and his take on that. that'll be about five minutes from now, so stay tuned for that. in the meantime, we have got this extreme weather going on in
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the united states. an epic heat wave that is baking a huge portion of this country. in fact, roughly half of all americans are coping with temperatures that are in the near triple digits right now. record breaking tops reported in the kansas -- temperatures reported in kansas all the way across to new york city. and it is not just unpleasant, it is dangerous in many places. at least 22 people have died related to this heat, and can there are new warnings that that number could be rising today. trace gallagher's following all this from our west coast newsroom, and he's got the very latest for us. hi there, trace. >> reporter: hey there, martha, we're talking about more than a million scare miles of the united states -- square miles of the united states, 27 states under extreme heat advisories, and man, this thing is getting bigger. waves move out, this is more of a heat dome where that heat bubble is just kind of sitting over much of the united states. the biggest danger, of course, is a lack of power. hard to stay cool when there's no ice or air-conditioning. most of the hot states are now
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breaking records for electricity usage. the midwest is planning some rolling blackouts, intermittent interruptions of power. but the northeast could get unschedule r scheduled brownouts, and experts are telling everyone to have a plan b if your power goes out. if camden, new jersey, concert fans were overcome by the blistering conditions there. dozens of fans had to be treated for heat exposure, dehydration. that also goes for the rest of these states affected. hospitals are seeing many, many more patients, are being hit by heat-related illnesses. along the southwest border, the border patrol is reporting finding more bodies of illegal immigrants who have simply become overcome by the heat, dehydration. and now what the border patrol is doing? they're actually sending out rescue units along the border to see if they can pick up any of these illegals who were trapped in the scorching desert.
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in new york city, the temperatures and the tempers are flaring. right? in the subways you know how hot it gets down there. two women fighting for one seat. i want you to watch the women fight, won woman sprays the other with pep beer spray, and keep an eye on the baby carriage in this. play it. >> [bleep] [bleep] >> baby, baby! >> crazy. >> hey, baby! the baby! >> reporter: the fight goes on, martha. they keep saying, hey, the baby. those two women go at each other, the baby carriage has rolled off of the subway onto the train platform, and the
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mother is still fighting. this fight went on for about two and a half minutes, it was finally broken up. the mother and her baby left. that woman, kind of a profanity-laced, you know, directive toward the woman who was walking off the subway. martha: i don't even know what to say. what do you say? >> reporter: yeah. that's how hot it is. martha: unbelievable. trace, that was something. thank you very much. all right, so glad to hear that she got the baby carriage and settled the dispute somewhat on the train. so that's how the stick by weather is impacting at least some people. so you can get the latest on all these temperatures and where they, what they're like out there. find out how to stay cool, all that is right on our web site at, check that out in the meantime. and then we have this for you. another fox news alert this afternoon, and this one on the critical debt negotiations that are playing out right now on capitol hill. this is crunch time, folks, for real today. today, in fact, is president obama's self-imposed deadline
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that lawmakers must reach a deal on taking a machete to this ballooning deficit in terms of getting this debt ceiling raised. so far we've got a little bit of movement, but certainly no sign of an agreement at this point. but there's a lot of new people who are talking to each other in this thing, and earlier today the president held a town hall meeting and and said that the situation in his mind is very serious. >> the challenge i have in these negotiations is whether i like it or not, i've got to get the debt ceiling limit raised. i just want to make sure that everybody understands, um, defaulting is not an option. martha: all right. we've heard those words before, but the fact that we heard them today may tell us something. let's bring in chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. chris s the president, you know, he's had interviews with npr, today he was in maryland at this university.
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is the president signaling that he may be getting close to agreeing to a deal that would raise this debt ceiling and that would have no tax hikes in it? >> reporter: well, he'll have to give his base something. he can't expect them to walk into this without even a symbolic tax increase. but, yes, obviously, what's happening now is the president is trying to soften the blow for his supporters being in a deep blue, very liberal state like maryland, being on a college campus be, rallying supporters in if a campaign-style event and, as you said, going on national public radio. these are all efforts on the president's part to reach out to liberals and say, look, i don't want to do a deal like this, but i have no choice so please understand me as i have to do this. martha: all right. we've got another piece of sound we want to play for everybody in relation to this. >> in order for us to solve the debt deficit problems, we've got to cut spending that we don't need, we have to eliminate programs that may not be working, we've got to make some tough decisions around things like defense spending as well as
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domestic spending. martha: you know, a couple other things, chris, that have been developing, and one is this news that there may be talks going on between the mcconnell backers of that plan and the gang of six folks that maybe they could get together. the question is if they did, what would we get out of that, and would they be able to pass that? >> reporter: if you're in washington and you have an impossible situation, a good horse to bet on is mitch mcconnell, the minority leader in the senate. he's got a plan on offer that, basically, trades the president a debt ceiling increase for a year of political pain, that the president gets his increase, but he has to revisit it multiple times through the year. what senator mcconnell is offering the president is, look, attach anything you want as a future condition. you can make it the gang of six that is about a $4 trillion plan, you can do this plan that boehner, house speaker john boehner and the president are talking about, or you can just do the house majority leader
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eric cantor plan which is a $1.5 trillion straight cut for a $1.5 trillion increase in the debt limit. he doesn't care, but what he's saying is i'm going to make this hurt for the president over the coming year, and we're going to get out of this deal intact. martha: yeah. a lot of folks who don't like that deal out there, but some believe it's the only way to go. john boehner just did a special order speech, and in the it he says, look, the gop has acted, we passed cut, cap and balance in the house, we know that didn't fly in the senate. he says barack obama talks about being the adult in the room, but where is his plan? >> reporter: yeah. one starts to think that perhaps speaker boehner's property stations to rush limbaugh and others yesterday about there being no deal were sincere because what he said on the floor today was not the kind of language you use closing in this on a deal. he said this weekend would be a very hot weekend in the washington, he wasn't just talking about the temperature,
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and it's true. this is his last chance with obama to put something together that they can make part of the final discussion next week. martha: yeah. we're going to show some of that tape of john boehner in a very unusual speech on the floor called a special order speech. chris stirewalt, thank you so much. a lot moving today. all right, today's vote a disappointment for the tea party-backed lawmakers. coming up, we're going to take a closer look at the latest push against the group that's coming from the left. now, many are accusing the tea party of being dangerous, of being out of touch, of even being self-destructive. so is this a fair assessment of this group that has completely arrived on the political spectrum considering that voters elected them to do exactly what they're doing right now? they promised they would hold the line on spending, that's what they're doing. not getting a big reaction from that in the mainstream media. we're going to have a fair and balanced debate on that moments from now. and we continue to keep one eye on this story, awful
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breaking news coming in the from norway after that bombs -- bombing earlier. now reports that a gunman went into a youth camp, and the wires are saying that a number of people have been shot in this incident. ambassador john bolton joins us now in three minutes on that story as an investigation is now underway following another deadly bus crash on our nation's roads as well. one person is dead, dozens more are injured, and we may be joined moments from now by the soldier who helped to save lives at this scene. he became a first responder. this is an incredible story, and we're trying to get a conversation with him going. we'll keep you posted on that. also an ohio policeman under fire for a rant that was caught on his dash cam. did this officer overreact? the we're going to play that tape for you, you can see what you think. be right back, more "america live". >> what's the first thing you're supposed to do? >> i was giving you this, sir. >> you're supposed to tell me
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martha: all right, we've got some new information on our top story and the possible coordinated terror attack that may be underway right now in norway. this is some new video that came in this from the bombing this morning outside the government offices in oslo. the prime minister's office is also in that building. look at the glass that is scattered across that entire plaza in the main square there in oslo. and now a norwegian official is confirming that a gunman also opened fire about an hour or so later at a youth camp outside of os hoe. -- oslo. we're told the president has been briefed an -- on all of this situation, and john bolton joins us now, a fox news contributor. ambassador, welcome. obviously, we want to get your
10:17 am
take on what you think this might add up to in norway. >> information, obviously, very incomplete at this point, but there seems to me to be little doubt these attacks are politically motivated. first, the bomb attack in central oslo is the prime minister's office, you juan mistake it -- you wouldn't mistake it for an apartment building or just a general office building. it's well known what that building contains. and then number two, this very disturbing report of an attack on a youth camp on an island near oslo, that according to wire service reports is the annual youth camp of the norwegian labour party, the major party, the governing party in norway today. so that also has all the indications of a political attack as well. martha: talk to us a little bit about, you know, the al-qaeda interest in norway. there's been a prosecution going on, talk of a possible extradition, there's talk of
10:18 am
islam as a group that may have some involvement here. why would they want, you know, what's their interest in attacking this area? >> well, this is a very un-norwegian act, so the odds of it coming from someone other than a native norwegian, i think, are extremely high, and it is a classic terrorist effort, and it's going to have a dramatic impact on norway. there have been speculations because the famous muhammad cartoons were published there, because of this cleric who's under deportation proceedings. so without anyone taking responsibility for it or any definitive evidence, we can't say for be sure, but it sure looks like islamic terrorism. martha: just want to mention, we're just getting this piece of information from sky news, and it says that one man has been arrested on the island of lutoya, i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly n the shooting there. the norwegian prime minister was due to attend that political youth camp on the island
10:19 am
tomorrow and address the attendees who we're told they range in the age from 16 to 30 who attend this. they also say that five people, they can now confirm according to sky, have been shot in this. we don't know how serious those injuries are as of yet, but that's the very latest, ambassador be bolton, that we're hearing. >> right. there is a substantial immigrant population from the middle east in the particular in norway, and like most of the european countries, they don't have a tradition of integrating immigrants into the society. no melting pot in norway. and be so the differences between the previous norwegians and the immigrants have been a source of tension, as they have been throughout much of europe. martha: yeah. we're looking at these scenes, and there was a car that was found on its side that looks like it may have been the car that was used in a car bomb blast. but it is the typical sort of, you know, result because all the windows up the whole front of the building have been blown
10:20 am
out, and we know that two people were kill inside this attack and we're just, basically, waiting to get more information or see if any group claims responsibility here. ambassador bolton, we thank you very much for getting there quickly and giving us your immediate response to all of this. we appreciate it. >> sure. thank you. martha: all right. and we brought you a story earlier this week about a marine who was killed when he was thrown from a roller coaster in upstate new york. this was just a horrible story. he had lost his legs in iraq, but he and his family decided that hld be okay for him to go on this roller coaster. he wanted to be part of this adventure at that amusement park. we just have this breaking moments ago. new york state officials say the operator error was, indeed, to blame for that fall, so breaking news on that story. we'll bring you more details on that just ahead. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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martha: all right. we've got breaking news on this developing story out of norway, and we can tell you now that one man has been arrested at a youth camp where there was a labour party camp that was underway, and that person was, apparently, wearing a police uniform and was shooting at least five people shot in that. we don't have an update quite yet on whether or not -- you know what? we're just getting some more information on this. sky news is now reporting that several people are on the island have, indeed, been killed in that attack, and that takes this to a whole other level. and it is quite possible seeingn ongoing, coordinated possible terror attack unfolding right now in norway. so we want to bring everybody the latest details on this. t it started with what looks to be a car bomb attack, and that's
10:25 am
the video you're seeing of oslo, the prime minister's offices, two people killed in that. sky news is reporting that several people have also been killed on this island where there were, it was a youth group, a labour party meeting youth group ages 16-0, and now report -- 16-30, and now reports that several people have been killed according according to s. we're staying on top of that story, and we'll bring you the latest as we get them on that horrific story today. all right. turning overseas to a moment to the phone hacking investigation of news corp. international which is owned by the parent company of fox news. there are new calls today for james murdoch, news corp.'s deputy chief operating officer, to answer more questions in this investigation. greg talcott's on the story live from london with the latest developments there. hi, greg. >> reporter: it is coming down to what executive james murdoch knew and when he knew about the full extent of the phone hacking scandal. now, he appeared before a
10:26 am
committee of the house of parliament here on tuesday, and in that testimony he said that early on he had believed that the scandal was limited to maybe one reporter on "the news of the world" staff. he also said he was unaware of an e-mail which seemed to indicate at least one other staffer knew about this. now, last night the former editor of that newspaper and its former top lawyer said that murdoch was mistaken, that he was made aware of that e-mail. here's what british prime minister david cameron had to say today about this difference of opinion. >> clearly, james murdoch has got questions to answer in parliament, and i'm sure that he will do that. and, clearly, news international has got some big issues to deal with and a mess to clear up. >> reporter: parliament has been asking for a written clarification from murdoch. murdoch said that he stands by the testimony, and he will provide answers to other questions. a quick round-up of another aspect of the story, "wall street journal" reporting today that the u.s. justice department
10:27 am
is preparing possible subpoenas for a possible investigation into news corp. on two different fronts, one aspect if alleged payments to police here by the newspaper, "news of the world," violates a law regarding u.s. companies abroad bribing foreign officials. and another front, the allegations seen in one newspaper article that 9/11 families, victims of 9/11, their phone mails were hacked into. these two fronts, number one, a source close to news corp. is saying that the sub subpoenas aa fishing expedition, regarding the 9/11 families news corp. is saying there is no evidence. martha: all right. greg talcott from london, thank you, greg. and it was roughly nine months ago when voters across the country rose up against the bailouts and the massive increase in federal spending, and that sent a message to dozen os of tea party -- that sent
10:28 am
dozens of tea party republicans to washington. now those elected members are being attacked by a number of journalists for doing exactly what they promised they would do. is the media missing the message of those people that is now being felt in washington? be we've got a great debate coming up on that moments from now. and then we will go live back to oslo where norway is in the grips of what appears to be coordinated terror attacks, ongoing at this moment. reports that a gunman opened fire at a summer camp just after a deadly explosion ripped through the capital city. we've got developing news on this. it's a breaking story, and it is live here, and we'll be right back with more. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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martha: breaking details now on what appears to be coordinated terror attacks underway in norway. our sister network sky news is reporting that one man is under arrest after going on a shooting rampage on an island summer camp. reports say that five people were shot and that some of those people, perhaps all of them were killed at this political youth gathering. we are working on the numbers right now. we are told that the norwegian prime minister was scheduled to address the camp to the attendees tomorrow. we know the prime minister was not in the building attacked, that ripped open several buildings in the capitol city of oslo. the prime minister's office was
10:33 am
targeted but he was not there working from home earlier in the day. at least two people did die in that central oslo attack, 15 people were injured there. we are on top of this story as we try to find out if any group has taken any responsibility for these attacks, and of course security officials in norway concerned that there may be something else coming. so that is an active story and we are on that for you this afternoon. back to politics now and the debt crisis. you remember nine months ago a real political earthquake rocked washington as millions of americans, angry with the bail outs, angry with massive federal spending voted to send dozens of tea party republicans, 87 of them to congress. so now those lawmakers are there, they are working and they are fighting against raising the debt ceiling, which is exactly ha they promised they would do when they are elected, and now they are being attacked by many in the mainstream media who seem
10:34 am
agast that they are doing exactly what they said they would do. cult fridge holding up debt ceiling increase. that is from a senator. the republican party divorced from sanity is another one you see from "the washington post." let's talk about this and see what our panel thinks about it. a former speech writer is here and "washington post" columnist. we have a senior vice president vox global and communications adviser for press. welcome to both of you gentlemen, good to have you here. it raises an interesting question. there is an idea that there is this cult fridge at work. corey, let me start with you. should anybody be surprised that for once these people are actually doing what they were elected to do when sent to washington? >> let's start here, take this back a bit. we appreciate that the tea party is a legit nat movement within american politics right now. if there is a blame to be held
10:35 am
for why they have had the impact that they've had in washington, especially over this debt debate it's not because of the positions they've taken, it's because the republican leadership has been beholding to them from day one. i mean, look, everybody on the democratic and republican side, we all agree that we need to get our spending in order, that we need to get our fiscal house in order, but ultimately compromise is what allows us to get things moving. that is the oil that greases the wheels of our economy and democracy. whenever you have a faction that has the grip on debate, that the tea party has had, ultimately it's not good for anybody. martha: mark, you know, tell me what you think about that. >> he says that we all agree that we need to get our debt in order. we didn't call agree on that two years ago. the tea party has changed the debate in washington. when corey's old boss barack obama showed up in washington two years ago the first thing he did was pass almost a trillion dollar stimulus package, then he
10:36 am
amassed a government take over of healthcare that is also multitrillion dollars. he introduced a budget that would raise the national debt by $10 trillion over the next ten years. now after the tea party has sung its teeth into washington president obama is talking with republicans in reducing the de debt. we are discussing how and how much. martha: that goes back to your initial point which is that the tea party is a legitimate political movement in this country, and it's proven by the influence it has had on the whole political process which is actually astonishing, isn't it? >> there is no question about that, martha, no question about that. the problem is when you allow a very narrow faction within the party to have the level of power and influence that it has, i mean you have people publicly debating over whether mr. cantor is actively trying to take over
10:37 am
the position of mr. boehner. i mean, that is the level of impact that they've had within the party. so what's been fascinating to watch is not so much the debate between republicans and democrats, but republicans, tea partiers, and nontea partiers within the republican party. martha: isn't that healthy? we live in a american democracy, right? what you're seeing, forever all we've heard is people get elected, you send them to washington and the things that they promise on the campaign trail go right out the window. now you've got a situation where people got elected, and we've interviewed so many of them here over the course of the last several months and we say, well are you going to negotiate? what are you going to do now? and they say i'm not going to vote to do anything that raises taxes, it's against my principles and against what all the people back home, what i promised them i was going to do. i'm not sure why it's being seen as this sort of politically extreme faction that may over influence, you know, sort of the powers that be in washington. it seems that they are influencing to the extent that they possibly can.
10:38 am
>> you're right, martha. >> tea partiers were brought to washington to shakeup the system and not blow up the system. that is exactly what they are doing. real people are going to be impacted by this. domestically and globally. >> if you want to understand the need for the tea party system look at the solutions put forward in the last few weeks. the bi-partisan gang of six came out to senator conrad and said they are cutting taxes by a net $1.5 trillion and it turns out what their proposal is is a $3 trillion tax cut. you have the mcconnell plan to give obama the power to raise the debt limit with nothing in change but they get to vote it down three times -- martha: i think you met a tax hike. >> yes. they have 3 trillion-dollar tax hike, exactly. the tea party was established not just to challenge barack obama but to establish the republican stabment tha establi.
10:39 am
it is one of the most positive developments we've ever had in politics. >> let's appreciate what this debt debate has been about. it's been about paying for what has come forward, two tax cuts that weren't paid for, prescription drug benefit that wasn't paid for. those are the things that we're paying for now, and that is what we're focused on. the fact that the tea party folks are here, they've had a tremendous impact to be sure, but they came dangerously close to bringing us to the brink of dysfunction and that is not healthy for anybody. martha: we are up against a deadline we have to cut some kind of deal. we've been running deficits for 58 years in this country, that is an awfully longtime, and the american people here over and over, right after this break, right after this vote we'll get down to the business of doing what you say you want to do. i think it's a fascinating moment to watch unfold and we'll see where it goes. corey el u.n. d thank you very much, sir, good to have you here today korean mark. gentlemen, thank you, we appreciate your time.
10:40 am
all right so here is a question that sort of a long the same lines. is the american dream a thing of the past? coming up we are going to show you some stunning new poll numbers that reveal what voters think about our country today, and whether or not they have the potential to attain the american dream. i'm going to show you the numbers moments from now. i was stunned when i saw them this morning. imagine not getting a job because your potential boss got a peak at every single thing that you had ever put on your facebook page, for example, every single thing you've done on the internet for the past tefpb years. you thintefpbseven years. you think they don't have have time to do that. there is a company that will pwoeupl it down for them. that is the reality, folks. a seven-year-old gets behind the wheel of a car for a little joyride. nascar might want to keep an eye on this kid, you'll see why when we come back.
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liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? was set in 1957 which was 101. i guess we're supposed to be happy about the record we beat today. it is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot outside. we want to tell you about this story that unfolded in upstate new york earlier today. it was a bus crash that is raising new questions about safety on tour buses. one person is dead and dozens of people were injured in this when a tractor/trailer slammed into a bus in waterloo new york. 20 people were sent to the hospital. there are reports that a u.s. soldier came to the rescue and may have saved many more lives than would have been saved if he had not been there.
10:45 am
>> all of the victims were just east of the crash, and our ems command along with two of the deputy ems coordinators were going through and doing a triage, and they were determining what victims needed to be transported first, what was priority. martha: we are trying to get a hold of that soldier, we'd like to talk to him and hope to have him joining us in the next hour. stick around for that. it's enough to make a lot of us cringe, employers sizing you up by literally everything you have ever written or posted online. they can get this over the past seven years of your life. we are talking about pictures, or joking comments you may have made, or videos, anything that is lindh to your name. the digging on this. this very specific digging is being done by a company that is called social intelligence, so is this modern background check, is it fair game? mark iglarsch former prosecutor
10:46 am
in florida, and doug, also a lawyer is joining you us. one guy said something about when you're asked do you want the response in english or want to continue in spanish. he's like, this is america i want to continue in english and he wrote that on his, now it's questioned well is this person racist, should we not hire him? everything seems to be fair game. >> it should be. listen there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in the things that you post on your personal or facebook page. employers need to know everything. a resume doesn't tell you much of anything. i'll tell you this. i was saved, i almost hired a secretary who on paper looked great, in person looked great and someone said you might want to check out her page. two things i learned from that, as an aside she did things with a whip that i can never imagine.
10:47 am
[laughter] >> number two, some of her rants on her page would have made hitler proud. martha: well, so, you know, doug, the argument is caveat emptor, let the buyer be wa rerbgs, if you're going to go on the website and put things on there you'll have to take what comes witness, and somebody might decide you're really not what they are looking for. >> yes and no. first of call a disclaimer. mark and i are friends on facebook, right, mark? >> sure. you might want to take down that photo, doug. >> the one about us doing shots? no, no, but you know what, martha i agree and disagree. there are privacy settings. let's take a little time out here. if you have certain privacy settings, and you have password protection, for example, on your email account, i think this company is going to get in hot water legally, theoretically, mark, and be sued if they break the codes and pass words, that's all time saying. martha: that is a good point. they may be doing that. some people are savvy enough to
10:48 am
put the privacy settings in, some people are new to it and they are not. if this company is going past those walls, is that viable? >> yes, doug makes a good argument, and also if they install cameras in your shower to see if you have good hygiene, obviously there are lines they can't cross. simply investigating all the stuff that is out there to find lines like, coke is cool, you know, and things that you don't necessarily want on that, i was referring to the drug coke, you know, those things are things that are going to follow you around. i think it's about personal responsibility. make sure that everything you put out there might come back to you. martha: i can't help but wonder if this maybe isn't a good thing. i'm always asking, you can't put this jeannie back in the bottle ever, privacy is completely gone, this is the way people communicate with each other now. i wonder if this really catches on and if there is a big brother element that starts to impacting people's lives do you think people will go back to being more private and it will cut
10:49 am
down on this kind of communication, doug and then mark? >> i think you're right. it's so interestingly. we'll have a whole wave of new politicians in the next 30 years, for example, martha, who basically all of their social interaction is going to be theoretically for public consumption. i think you make a very good point and i think that it may -- companies like this. to answer your question will definitely make people more circumspect. martha: mark, real quick, then we have to go, i want to get your thoughts. >> i have no problem if the pendulum swings back. i think people are living their own reality show. i could know a little bit less about every one of these folks. martha: i didn't want to know about the secretary and the whip but i know that now and i just can't go back. good to see you both, gentlemen. back to the very serious story we are covering for you right now out of norway and a terror attack. first we can tell you that the death toll has climbed to seven people after that bombing in
10:50 am
downtown oslo and a shooting at a day camp just outside the city. second, the police are telling us that they now believe that these two incidents are not connected. terror expert peter newman is live with us on this in five minutes. plus this. dash cam video has sparked a huge debate over one policeman's conduct. up next see what set the police officer off on this huge rant, and whether you think he crossed the line. >> you're talking to me with a. [bleep] gun. you want me to pull mine and stick it to your head. >> no, sir. >> we are out here dealing with somebody and you have a gun on you. >> i never done this before. [bleep]
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
martha: a new video is surfacing of a ohio police officer in an angry tirade with a driver after the driver admitted he actually had a weapon on him. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with what happened then. >> reporter: this video was obtained by a guns rights group in ohio, it's a canton police car pulling up behind a parked car. this all caught on dash cam, lasted about 15 minutes. there is a driver in front, passenger in back. you see here this is the guy addressing the driver but that didn't happen until five minutes into the tape. for the first five minutes all they did was focus on the passenger in back who is now out of the car. the driver is carrying a concealed weapon. he's supposed to let police know right away that he has it. and it looks like he tried, but watch what happens next. >> your half a heartbeat from going to jail. you keep messing around. why do you keep having that. >> because i have a concealed weapon. >> you have a weapon on you.
10:55 am
>> yeah. >> lock your hands behind your back. what is the first thing you're supposed to do. >> i was telling you this. sir. >> you're supposed to tell me you have a weapon. >> i was trying and you told -- >> you are supposed to say that right after the bat. bat. >> reporter: you see the driver apologizing saying he should have told him sooner, it looks like he was trying to give him the permit. a woman walks up, he tells the woman to go away or he is going to give her, quote, lumps. the officer tells the driver, get in the back of the car and gives him this tirade, rant and even threats. listen. >> that's how cops get killed. >> i understand. i don't mean. >> i'm so close to caving in your [bleep] head. you. [bleep] you're just a stupid human being talking to me with a. [bleep] gun. you want me to actual mine and
10:56 am
stick it to your head? >> no, sir, no, sir. >> people like you don't deserve to move throughout public, period. stupid idiot. >> reporter: the police chief then issued this statement after watching the video, he said the behavior demonstrated on the video is holy unacceptable and it violates many rules, regulations and standards we demand of officers. the police officer is on leave pending the investigation. martha: sounds like a good move given what we saw there. thank you very much trace gallagher. we have a tape from a dramatic speech made by speaker boehner just about an hour ago. see why his remarks are raising new worries about whether they will be able to reach any deal to head off what some would say would be a financial disaster. new details emerging in the strange death of this woman found hanging from a balcony at her boyfriend's california mansion. was it suicide, or a murder?
10:57 am
a live report with breaking details in that case coming up moments from now. we think we've solved the mystery of an illusive creature thought to be a real loch ness monster. >> they are long, skinny things.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
martha: the death toll is rising on what appears to be a terror afact nation of norway. a man dressed as a policeman opens fire on the outside of the capital. welcome to a new hour of "america live." the latest numbers we have are rising and 7 people are dead fan more than a dozen are injured. in an explosion that ripped through the prime minister's
11:01 am
headquarters in oslo. it sent gas and debris all across the plaza in front of that building and then anti-terror police rushed to a youth camp outside of oslo after a man dressed as a policeman shot several people. sky news reports there is a suspect in custody in those shootings and they believe these attacks could be linked. there is still a question about that. so let's well compete for newman who is a visiting testify low for peace and cityies at georgetown. what else your reaction to this story so far? >> it seems likely this was sensitive -- this was sensitive al qaeda related incidents. norwegian police made a number of arrests in norway that pointed to a larger network.
11:02 am
it's participating in raids against libya and there have been a number of indictments that upsets the islamists and radicals in norway and this may be a reaction to that. martha: any early thoughts if this turns out to be a coordinated attack, which group would most likely be involved with this? who would be on your list? >> top of the list of course is al qaeda. they built networks in europe the past couple years. it's not necessarily possible to give them a particular name. but they are people who people an allegiance to al qaeda and they would have felt they needed to do that. so there is no particular group, but they are networks of individuals acting on behalf of al qaeda. martha: there was one reference of islam. is that a group you with look to
11:03 am
to examine in this? >> ansar islam was founded by a guy given political asylum in norway. indictments against him were brought last week. it may be related to that. they are basically sharing the political ideological agenda of al qaeda. so city would be more or less the same. martha: thank you for being with us as we try to unravel this horrible day in oslo. we are back in washington for a moment and counting down to the deadline for a deal in this debt crisis. so you have got the cut, cap and balance plan that passed in the house yesterday. and it was promptly defeated as was expected with a vote in the senate a little while ago. harry reid called it the worst piece of legislation he has ever seen. now you have got the clock ticking towards the president's deadline. they need to get this done in order to avoid that august 2 armageddon and all sort of chaos
11:04 am
we heard about. so they are discussing what they would do if they don't get a deal. how they would decide which bills to pay first. republicans like house speaker john boehner are fuming. listen to this. >> there is a huge gulf between washington, d.c. and the american people. they are dealing with tough times. they are struggling to pay their bills. and they look to washington and see politicians who can't stop spending money. their money. listen, we are broke. we need to stop the out-of-control spending spree going on in washington, d.c. martha: as we heard earlier those do not sounds like the words of a man getting close to a deal with the president as had been reported yesterday late. we heard the president make a varieties of pitches on this debt issue. he was out there speaking as
11:05 am
well. what is the message the white house wants to get out right now? >> reporter: he went to speak at the university of maryland in front of a college audience, if you will. he spoke very common sense terms that he's trying to essentially put construction workers back to work work on infrastructure projects. that he's trying to extend tax cuts from middle class families. here is more from the president making his pitch. >> there are a lot of democrats and republicans who i believe are willing to do the same thing, making the tough choices. the only people we have too convince are in the house of representatives. we'll keep on working on them. >> reporter: jay carney was emphatic there is no deal. no briefing today so we'll see how things progress over the course of the weekends. martha: so a short time later speaker boehner spoke out.
11:06 am
it was a special order speech an was pretty fired up, mike. >> reporter: he was fired up when he said there is no deal, there is not even close to a deal. then after hearing the president's remarks he went to the house floor and delivered a passionate plea. take a listen. >> we have done our job. the democrats who run washington have done nothing. they can't stop spending the american people's money. they woants and they have refused. the that majority leader says they won't offer a plan to cut spending or a plan to raise the debt limit. frankly, that's irresponsible. >> the president tried to look like the grownup notice room dealing with congress. and there you have boehner saying we have taken some action where the democrats and where are their plans. martha: house republicans hoped for progress today on this cut,
11:07 am
cap and balance bill. but the democrats in if the senate, harry reid said it'sed the piece of legislation that ever hit the chambers. joined now by congressman david schiekert. he joins us now. welcome. good to have you here today. where do you stands? you have got cut, cap and balance which was a proud moment for a lot of republicans in the house. went over to the senate and it was shot down. so now what? >> to give an idea, the staff just cut me off of caffeine because i'm still bouncing off the walls mad. when it came to the budget, when it couple to the continuing resolutions and when it came to dealing with this debts crisis, the house is the one that put pen to paper and puts the votes up on the board. we delivered 234 votes a couple days ago, then we have the left over in the senate go, it's the
11:08 am
worst bill we have ever seen and completely on partisan lines vote against it. great. leader reid, let's see you put it on paper or as we just heard the president trying to avoid these tough decisions, let's see his on paper now. martha: harry reid said the senate will not work through the weekend now after criticizing the house for suggesting that they weren't going to work through the weekend. he put the onus back on the house side. there are a number of proposals out there. i was reading something by charles krauthammer. he said of all the proposals out there what he would bakes a half trillion in cuts that would buy us 5 months to get past this debt ceiling crisis and start to work from there. it would also rob the president of the ability to not have to deal with this again before the election. is that kind of solution something that you would sign on to? >> no. i'm a fan of dr. krauthammer.
11:09 am
but this is the problem. people plug their political brains in and say how can i do this, how can i do that. as you heard speaker boehner, we are being crushed with debt. if we want jobs and economic growth and want our country to stop prospering, step up and let's do it. we cut cap and balance. bipartisan. we had even democrats vote for it. we sent it over to the senate and they avoid any responsibility. just like they avoided responsibility in stepping up and doing a budget for 1-800-som800 somedays. martha: 60% of americans say don't raise the debt ceiling. is that where you stand? >> we delivered 234 votes for a bill that did the cutting, that created caps and actually would raise the debt ceiling.
11:10 am
but there -- isn't that point? we are delivering a gang of 234. and over the senate, i see the press go gaga over a gang of six. at some point we are delivering the math and delivering it on paper. we need them to step up and start acting like adults. martha: thank you, sir, good to have you here today. we'll see where we expand with all of that. we want to take you back to this bizarre story we have been covering. his girlfriend was found hanging from a balcony by a rope. her hand and feet bound. the son, a little boy, died after injuries incurred after falling down the stairs. there are new details on miss mystery at the mansion of the pharmaceutical tycoon. we have new developments on an american murdered in mexico.
11:11 am
what happened to a court interpreter who vanished three weeks ago. this question, is the american dream dying? the power panel on a shocking new poll and what the response was. straight ahead. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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martha: we have details of another american murdered in new mexico cove. the body of a texas court interpreter has been found in violence-ridden ciudad juarez. he disappeared in an apparent kidnapping and when relatives were unable to pay a $10,000
11:15 am
ransom he turned up dead a day later. three people have been arrested in connection with this man's murder. there is growing speculation around two mysterious deaths in california this afternoon. the you a top cities are now complete on both of these victims. but those results as of right now are still sealed. rebecca was found hanging in her boyfriend's san diego mansion last week. two days before that in a tragic event the 6-year-old little boy was injured when he fell down a staircase in the house. then he later died from those injuries. adam housley has been following this story from the beginning on this. >> reporter: by this time next week we might have an idea where this case is going. they said they would rush as quickly as they could. they say as early as the end of next week that could come in. here are the pictures of the two
11:16 am
people that died in this case. monday the 6-year-old son of ceo fell down the steps of a mansion in san diego *. he would eventually die of those injuries sunday. wednesday, two days after he fell down the stairs the girlfriend was found hanging, her hands and feet bound from a second story balcony at that same mansion. we talked to authorities, they kept everything close. they say it's a violent and bizarre case. and the reason why they haven't decided whether it's a homicide or suicide is simple. take a listen. >> sometimes suicide will look like homicide and vice versa. that's why it's important to take a look at your evidence. don't rush to judgment. interview all key witnesses. look at the evidence that you glean from your stemp warrants and that typically will show you what the mystery is about. they continue to say they have
11:17 am
one shot eight. they want to make sure they get it right. they say every single windsness they determine was in that mansion at some point monday, tuesday or wednesday. they believe they contacted everyone they say is being cooperative. they know where every one is located in case this does turn towards a homicide investigation. there is no reason to rush this case and they want to make sure they get it right. the ceo returned back to arizona to begin the proceedings for his young son. the other witnesses are in the san diego area and we'll keep you updated as this case continues to proceed. martha: thank you very much for that. we have a stunning new poll that is breaking this hour. rasmussen reports with some shocking findings on a potential matchup between president obama and one of the real dark horse republican candidates out there. wait until you see the numbers. a mother find herself arrested
11:18 am
after refusing to allow airport security to pat down her teenage daughter. her attorney tells us why the screeners were out of line. with the space program moth balled, the shuttle program, have we seen the last of american dominance in space? and what does that say about america's can do spirit to take on any challenge. the power panel weighs in on the passing of this important part of our history. we'll be right back. >> having fired the imagination of a generation. a ship like no other. its place in history secured. the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. its voyage at an end. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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martha: an extreme weather
11:22 am
alert. about 40 minutes ago new york city broke a high temperature record that had been held since 1959. it hit 102 here in new york city outside these windows in central park where you see the green trees behind me. it's 102 out there right now. 29 states. more than half of the country is under a sheet advisory which is being called the heat dome. it's expected to be the shottest day today of this whole thing. the high humidity is forcing up the heat index which is sorts of like the wind chill in the winter. it feels like 115 degrees in cities like d.c. and philadelphia. the national weather service warning do not take the heat threat lightly. the extremely dangerous conditions being blamed on two dozen deaths nationwide and half of the american population is under this huge dome of searing heat. >> it makes it really tough.
11:23 am
the air is heavy and thick. so with that it's sometimes hard to breathe. >> if you know of seniors, relatives, friends, neighbors, check in on them and make sure, those taking medications, make sure they are in an air-conditioned place. martha: doug joins us now live from washington on this. you have the unlucky job of being one of these reporters today who is out in this mess. so my sympathies are with you. what's it like out there snp? >> it's hot it's a scorcher out here. we crossed the 100 degree mark. you take a look around at national mall. typically you would receive sit crowded with tour it. not as many as we would see because of this heat. you see the crane operating there by the smithsonian's museum of art. and while the tourists are choosing to be here, those guys are not. there is a construction crew
11:24 am
still working there today. we saw them out earlier in the day trying to get as much work work done as they could early in the day before the searing heat before the worst part of the day. the tourists are out there as well. the tourists obviously have a choice. but a lots of them set up these trips in advance. they are showing up here regardless. in many of them thought they would be in for a break this week. >> we are from florida from the orlando area. we are just up here visiting. we thots we thought we would be coming on a good week. bit of the many hotter up here than it is florida in florida. >> they are not in for much relief in the near term. we are looking as the high temperatures. even the overnight temperatures are still into like the mid-80s. the air conditions will be running around the clock. if you are lucky enough to have
11:25 am
air-conditioning here. if not you have got to find an alternative. martha: doug, name there. it's almost over for today. this is just coming in to us. we have brand-new poll numbers. this one from rasmussen. it shows congressman ron paul may be a long shot to win the republican presidential nomination but he runs competitively with president obama right now. there is a look at the numbers. it shows ron paul picking up 37% of the vote while the president earns 41%. the texas congressman joins romney, bachmann and rick perry as candidates within hailing distance of the president. it comes a day after a new poll from the public policy polling group finds can the president struggling with independents. good to see you. be very afraid about the emergence of ron paul?
11:26 am
>> republicans on the to be afraid. he's out of synch for what the republican party stands for. if they listen to him on issues like war and social issues, maybe they would be doing better than the way they generally poll. martha: that's an interesting statement about smaller government. the fact that he's gaining strengths. that tells me that message has more and more traction. martha: he clearly resonates with a lots of people and we get a lot of response when we have him on to talk about things so he has to be encouraged by that poll right there. let's talk about this public policy polling group that has this other one out there that shows basically a tie right now between mitt romney and president obama at 45 per. the headline on this which is the job approval numbers for the president are worse than he appears and he would lose if the
11:27 am
election were held today. >> that's easy to say, but we haven't had a republican candidate to date. we haven't had the scrutiny that goes along with that. lose against whom? and lose tbaisd on what we know about whoever that republican candidate is. also democrats are forced to gain more seats in congress and gallup -- frank newport says obama is doing much better than he would normally do and anybody has ever done with the economy being this bad and people's attitudes about government. martha: what you do find is he hold up well in terms of how people like him. then after that when he's judged on the economy weren't recent numbers i saw were 40% amove ratings. march reports other thing that's interesting is the undecideds. the undecideds say they disapprove of the president's performance. if you are somebody like ron
11:28 am
paul or rick perry considering getting in. these are the numbers you will look as the to see whether you feel as if you could have a legitimate shot at the presidency. >> the president is under tremendous scrutiny. we have not had the kind of scrutiny we are starting to get about michele bachmann or mitt rom nip or other potential republicans. once the scrutiny takes place these numbers are change. martha: no doubt they will. but i think perhaps more than the american public, this is what the candidates look at to try to figure out whether there is an opportunity. >> most people are not focused as we know on the election. until after labor day of 2012. most americans are not really focused in the middle of summer. they are focused on trying to stay cool. martha: alan colmes for ron paul. >> i like ron paul a lot.
11:29 am
i happen to be a liberal democrat. martha: if if you work hard and you can achieve success and happiness that would be what most of us consider to be the american dream. but there is a dropoff in the number of americans who think that dream is still attainable. our power panel will take on that issue next. a small neighborhood has a bookstore, then it gets taken over by borders and barnes and noble. but now they are in big trouble as well. are we seeing the death of the american bookstore. say it isn't so. maybe it is. we'll talk about that. and he's just 7 years old, this little boy. he doesn't play with toy cars. he decides to get behind the actual real thing. a not so smooth joyride is what fald. we'll show you next. >> reporter: where were you going? >> to my friend's house. >> reporter: how did you learn
11:30 am
how to drive? [ birds chirping ]
11:31 am
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11:33 am
mash * 7 people are dead after a bombing in downtown oslo. there is a look at the scene there. in a separate slooght just outside the city police are saying that they do believe that there is every reason to think there is a connection between these two attacks. moments ago, president obama
11:34 am
extend his personal condolences to the people of norway. >> i want to also make note we were just discussion the fact that there has been and bombing in oslo, norway as well as a shooting there. we don't have information yet, but i wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway and it's a reminder that entire national -- international community has a stake in preventing this type of terror from occurring and we have to work cooperatively together both on i intelligence and -- both on intelligence and prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks. i remember my visit to oslo and how warmly the people of norway treated me. our hearts go out to them. we'll provide any support we can to them. martha: those words from from
11:35 am
the president moments ago. we have brand-new video of the island where this youth camp is. this is where the other shootings were carried out. it was a labour party youth camp meeting that happens every summer. the prime minister was expected to speak there tomorrow. and you can see the investigation is going on on the ground there. and this is our first look from the sky at the location of that second shooting. martha: let's talk about the american dream. it inspires people from coast to coast and the far corners of the world who talk about america and what it means and whether you can achieve the dream. the idea that all people can succeed if they put their mind to it through determination and hard work. this recent survey showed less than half of all americans still believer that that american
11:36 am
dream is even possible for them. that number dropped by 20 points in just the last 2 years. putting its under the 50% mark. let's bring in -- that what we'll kick off with with our power panel. brook goldstein is with us and susan silivik is ceo and cofounder of it's your what do you think when you hear diminishing numbers of people in this country think i'm probably not going to get there. >> it sickens me because being an entrepreneur, it's the quintessential american dream. here is what's happening. small businesses are saying we sat by and watched as big government bailed out big business. but they have done nothing to us. while big government is attached
11:37 am
to wall street, they disconnected from main street. that american dream is diminishing. i hear from lots of small business owners. we are ready to throw in the towel and calm it quits. martha: you watch generations of businesses that built up and such an incredible opportunity. they seem to appeal to they won't achieve the same level of success and feel their children will not succeed. >> look back at a poll in may have you had youth staying for the first time that they will not be better off than their parents. that's astonishing to me to see that and think about how we have seen over the course of the past through years, generations thinking they will not be better. martha: why is this happening in. >> i moved to canada. i came to practice law in the united states because i have a deep respect for the american constitution and our founders
11:38 am
wrote in the constitution you have the right to push sue happiness. they meant to pursue exceptionalism. to be the best, to reap the rewards. part of it has to do -- we like any type of clear leadership from the obama administration. in 2009 he said he believes in american exceptionalism then he went to list how all the other countries are exceptional, too. martha: one of the things i'm picking up is the separation of they will still be very rich. and president obama does speak a lot about wanting to protect the middle class. it feels like so many of those who are disenchanted with the american dream fall into that group. they are not feeling protected or inspired and they are not feeling like it's achievable. >> when president obama said 80% of americans support some form of tax increase, i put that on my facebook fan page, people were irate. and the concern about raising
11:39 am
taxes on people with over 250,000 and we were just talking about this. most of those falling in the small business category. interestingly enough. a lot of those are known as sub-s corporations. so maybe they are companies making $250,000 passed through to their personal income tax. it doesn't mean they are keeping $250,000 in their pockets. they are reinvesting in their business. the government is saying small business we want you to driver the economic growth but they don't give us an opportunity to reinvest. martha: these come to a changing american life or experience. one of them is the american bookstore. you think about reading newspapers less and going 0 online. it's presented to you in a certain way. you are missing that experience you get when you walk into a bookstore of i came in to buy this book, then i found myself in the history aisle and i walked out with three books.
11:40 am
we are getting news that borders cannot find a buyer. they are in deep financial straight. closing down and selling to barnes & noble. i wanted to play this clip from "you've got mail." >> i started helping my mother after school when i was six years old. and i used to watch her. it wasn't just that she was selling book. she was helping them become who they were meant to be. when you read a child as a book it becomes a part of your identity. i have gotten carried away. >> yeah. martha: i know what she means. that feeling of walk down and sitting down between the aisles and poring through books and wondering how long you can sit there without getting up and buying something. what is the bigger symbolism? >> i don't understand the move to e books. it's not just about the bookstore, it, about the process
11:41 am
of reading. you cannot flip through a book. i like to have something tangible in my handle. as a lawyer and researcher i like to go back and reference. how do you reference an e book, how do you mark it up or fold the page over. martha: then you don't have the accomplishment of feeling you stick it on your bookshelf when it's done. >> i think today many hard cover book is tomorrow's vinyl record. technology has helped us evolve as a society. if you look back 100 years ago you had 98% of american were participating in some type of agray business. today it's 2%. we watched the shuttle land and it waltz end of an era. i feel like i grew up watching this program and being excited and of course the two tragedies that came along with it as part of our history of believing that
11:42 am
as americans we are breaking through to new frontiers. so we have a quick time for a thought of each of you have on the end of this program and what it means for america that china says they want to be to the moon by 2025. >> there is the question about competitiveness. that's always a leading thing for the united states. here is one thing about the whole story that isn't getting covered. what it does to small business. there are 7,000 independent contractors who have lost jobs because the shuttle does shut down. think about the small businesses that are supported by that program. businesses that depend on tourism. businesses that depend on those consumers to spend money. think about the people moving from those areas and those communities. so the impact of small business, once again, nobody thinks about us. >> i think it goes back to the first question. it's about american pie and american exception amism. if you ask the american people what they think, 58% believe it, important that we remain a world leader in this. i think it's disappointing for
11:43 am
all of us. >> i'm worried. i'm very worried about the privatization of space. the whole idea, the moon treaty, the exploration of space is for everybody one. we start bringing private companies we'll have to start giving themg them private rights they can profit off of. martha: we may have to get ready to see the chinese flag planted on the moon in our lifetime. good to have all of you here today. when we come back, everybody. we have got new details. we have new details on that monster mystery. the fishermen captured video of what looked like a big were penalty. today we may be able to tell you what that is in the water that looks like the loch ness monst monster. why this woman was arrested trying to protect her daughter from the hands of the tsa. we'll talk to her attorney about that right after this. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
11:44 am
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i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have cess to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care.
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we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. martha: bad situation in miami gardens, florida. if it's not hot enough already on the floor. look what's happening now. a crane had an explosion at the base. and then it fell and knocked through some of the power 90's this neighborhood. we understand a crane operator is stuck in the basket of that crane. the fire department is on the scene. they are working to help that person and gets that situation under control. a bad situation unfolding in miami gardens, florida. outrage at an airport security stop landed one mom behind bars.
11:48 am
her name is andrea abbot and her teenaged daughter refused to go through the full-body scanner, they opted for the patdown. then abbott said she didn't want her daughter touched inappropriately or having her crotch touched by the tsa people. she claims a police officer told her to shut up. and then she took out a cell phone to texts her husband about the whole matter, then they took her into custody. abbott's attorney joins us with more on this. good to have you here. >> good afternoon. thank you. martha: fill in anything we might have left out in the intro about what your client says happened here. >> i think you hit the high points. i think it's interesting. i took a look at the arrest affidavit earlier today, and essentially the officer in fact and i'm quoaghts stated that
11:49 am
miss abbott was loud in her speech and very -- belligerent. therefore, she was arrested. so you are kidding me. first this woman has to put up with her daughter being groped. then when she simply expressed her outrage. she is arrested. and i know that we live in a country that still has free speech last time i checked. so our take on it is she was essentially arrested for daring simply to speak out against this outrageous practice. martha: what do you hope to get in this case? >> not guilty. the best case scenario we hope the district attorney's office certainly looks at it and decides, look, we just need to dismiss this case. if that doesn't happen we are going to jury trial and we'll press for a not guilty verdict.
11:50 am
martha: does your clients have any interest in pressing charges against these official at the airport? >> i don't think so. she is an everyday person. she doesn't what publicity or doesn't want to be known. she wants to go about her life and in her words to me, she says people are calling me a hero. i don't feel like that. i was just a mom trying to protect my daughter. i don't think she wants to escalate this. she is certainly not going to be -- let the state try to convict her for a criminal offense for trying to speak up in defense of her daughter. martha: there are a lot of things about this whole situation that are not right at fsa and the airports these days. we thank you for bringing this story to us. we'll keep an eye on it. all right. we told you about what could be america's very own loch ness monster. lurking in the cold waters off
11:51 am
alaska. what is that, you wonder. we'll be right back. >> they are 20-30 feet long. they are long skinny things. what the heck is that? what the [bleep]. it blew something out the side of its neck.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
martha: we talked bits a couple days ago. here is the shot of the week. this is the picture some fishermen in alaska captured in 2009. they were sure it waltz elusive loch ness monster. they were so show their footage was featured on the discovery
11:55 am
channel. but now it looks like the mystery sea creature is solved. and who better to have solved it than trace gallagher. trace, what's the deal? >> reporter: i know you are dying finds out. the experts, if there are experts and such things. they analyzed the picture and this video. look closely at it and they believe what they have here is off the coast of alaska the sea faring cousin of the loch ness monster, a leftover from the dinosaur area. it's described as a cross between a seahorse, a serpents and team. it blows air out of its head like a whale. see winds's a cadborasaurus. nobody has a picture of one. here is a picture of what they think is a cadborasaurus.
11:56 am
it was found notice belly of a whale. kinds of like jonah. others thing this is just a whale in the belly of a whale. there is no picture of it and those remains were stolen. we contacted the art department and came with a picture. martha: that's impressive. can i see it closer? >> reporter: this is a cadborasaurus. we have the interns here. instead of teaching them news we teach them arts and crafts. that is what they believe it looks like. if you look back at the video on discovery -- it's very, very close. martha: did you name it? >> reporter: caddy the
11:57 am
cadborasaurus. captioning made possible by fox news network [ female announcer ] you have all this chicn. time to mix it up with new philly cooking creme. it'll make your chicken creamier, dreamier, with lot flavor. spread the love in four fabulous flavors. spoon in a little new philly cooking creme. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have?
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